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Department of Spatial Planning
2021 - 2024

MiTra|WA: Migration and Translocality in West Africa

The acronym MiTra|WA stands for “Migration and Translocality in West Africa”. The goal of the research project is to better understand rural-urban and cross-border migration, the resulting growth of urban agglomerations and the interlinkages of these phenomena with environmental change in West Africa. The project uses a translocal livelihood and mobility approach and conducts bi-local case studies. This approach allows to capture and analyse the complex migratory movements and cross-spatial interactions of individuals, households and communities that are typical for West Africa.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. At the Faculty of Spatial Planning, IRPUD and the IPS research group participate in MiTra|WA. Further information:

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