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Department of Spatial Planning

Offered courses by IPS

Here you will find information on the courses offered by the IPS research group. These include lectures, seminars, workshops and projects in the Bachelor and Master programs of the Faculty of Spatial Planning as well as a regularly held PhD colloquium.

The compilation of ongoing and past courses provides an insight into the broad orientation of the IPS team, which covers current disciplinary discourses at different planning levels. The focus is on modules with an international perspective and on contributions to the SPRING Master program.


  • Planning Theories and Models (LS)
  • SPRING-Planning Workshop (P)
  • Programme Planning and Project Management (E)
  • Housing and Human Settlement Planning (S)

M.Sc. Raumplanung

Project Studies

  • M-Project (P)

Planning in the Global South (Modul 3)

  • Housing and Human Settlement Planning (S)
  • Megaprojects (S)

B.Sc. Raumplanung

Introduction into Spatial Planning (Module 1)

  • WIR üben (E)

Project Studies (Modules 2 & 3)

  • A-Project (P)

  • F-Project (P)

General Planning Theory (Module 15)

  • Planning Theories and Models (LS)

Spatial Planning International (Module 17)

  • Stadt und Infrastrukturen des 21ten Jahrhunderts (LS)

Current debates of Spatial Planning (Module 23)

In this module, current issues of spatial planning are dealt with in theory and practice. These topics can be from all areas of spatial planning. In the seminars, the contents are prepared independently by the students and conveyed and discussed in discursive form.