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Joint Article by Katrin Gliemann and Hanna Seydel

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Book cover of Kursbuch Bürgerbeteiligung (2023) © Jörg Sommer​/​ (ed. Kursbuch Bürgerbeteiligung#5)
Book cover of Kursbuch Bürgerbeteiligung (2023)


"Interkultur in der Beteiligung breiter denken – Warum Migrationsgeschichte als Indiz für Beteiligungsferne unzureichend ist“

The article written by Katrin Gliemann (IPS) and Hanna Seydel (SOZ) appears in the Kursbuch Bürgerbeteiligung#5 which is edited by Jörg Sommer. It is part of chapter 4 "Beteiligung von unterrepräsentierten Gruppen" and addresses the widespread assumption that people with migration histories are underrepresented in urban development participation processes.



The paper addresses the common assumption that people with a migration history are underrepresented in participation processes in urban development and argues for a broadening of the perspective. Based on the results of a research project, we show which barriers prevent people from participating, to what extent these barriers are related to migration, and how participation can become more accessible for people with and without a migration history.


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