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Raffael Beier admitted into TU Dortmund’s Young Academy

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Housing in Casablanca, Morocco (2022) © Raffael Beier
Housing in Casablanca, Morocco (2022)

Dr. Raffael Beier successfully applied for research funding to conduct a study on secondary housing market dynamics in Iran’s national housing programme. Together with project partners from Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Raffael Beier will examine people’s rationalities behind their decisions to sell and rent their subsidised housing units. The study will add complementary insights to his ongoing DFG research project “Analysing Moving Decisions of Former Slum Dwellers after Resettlement”.

Because of his successful application, Raffael Beier becomes a member of the Young Academy of TU Dortmund University. The Young Academy encourages scientists in the qualification phase and offers an exclusive programme that supports them in building up a profile with strong third-party funding. This programme consists of workshops, retreats, fireside evenings with the Rectorate, and peer mentoring opportunities.