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Department of Spatial Planning
2021 - 2023

Analysing Moving Decisions of Former Slum Dwellers after Resettlement (DFG Walter Benjamin Programme)

This research project explicitly investigates people who have decided to leave or not to move to housing, which they received in the context of state-led housing programs in Ethiopia, Morocco, and South Africa. Despite their crucial relevance for understanding the effectiveness of state-led housing programs addressing inadequate and informal housing, academia has so far disregarded these population groups due to challenges of locating and accessing such dispersed people.

The objective of this research project is to analyse post-resettlement mobility, asking why people move further, where they move to, and under which conditions they live after the second move. Through biographic forms of interviewing, the project sheds light on residential trajectories and subjective decision making in order to understand people's lived experiences of and aspirations towards adequate and affordable housing.

Small state-built houses at a street with children in the Lahae area in Johannesburg © Raffael Beier
State-built dwellings in Lahae, Johannesburg (2020)

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