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New edited volume published by Routledge

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Several small huts in the area of Khayelitsha in Cape Town © Raffael Beier
Backyard dwellings in Khayelitsha, Cape Town (2017)

The anthology "Urban Resettlements in the Global South: Lived Experiences of Housing and Infrastructure between Displacement and Relocation," edited by Raffael Beier, Amandine Spire, and Marie Bridonneau, has been published in print and as an eBook by Routledge (Link).

Urban Resettlements in the Global South provides new perspectives on resettlement through an urban studies lens. To date, resettlement has been theorised through development studies and refugee studies, but urban resettlement is also a major dimension of urban development in the Global South and may help to rethink contemporary urban dynamics between spectacular new town developments and rising incidences of eviction and displacement. Conceptualising resettlement as a binding notion between production/regeneration and destruction/demolition of urban space helps to illuminate interdependencies and to underline significant ambiguities within affected people’s perspectives towards resettlement projects. This volume will offer an interesting selection of ten different case studies with rich empirical data from Latin America, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia, focused on each stage of resettlement (before, during, after relocation) through different timescales. By offering a frame for analysing and rethinking resettlement within urban studies, it will support any scholar or expert dealing with resettlement, displacement, and housing in an urban context, seeking to improve housing and planning policies in and for the city.